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active character
Posted: before the crash

So, since Kendra has posted her stats, and I am apparently doing everything she does in this thread, here are mine:

Skin: Pale, pale, pale. Very. Never leaving buildings tends to do that to you.
Eye color: Blue-ish, sort of soulless grey.
Hair color: Light brown. (light brown )
Age: 16
Build: Vaguely muscular (as a result of the mutations. Before this, highly weedy.) And height: 5'9".
Clothing: As shown above. Indeed.
Personality: Barely ever serious, none too talkative and very lazy.
Powers: As I said, telekinesis. But obviously, this has some limits, can only be done on something in a 25ft radius, and needs time to recharge after each use.
currently known as imausername
project leader and website manager
Posted: 2004.06.18

It took me like, a hour to find that post Forumite is now known as "imausername".
But he lists no e-mail, and probably doesn't check PMs more often than once a month...
The one crazy enough to make this fake forum.