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project leader and website manager
Posted: before the crash

Hair: black
Eyes: blue (dark)
Skin: pale
Height: 175cm (5' 8'')
Weigth:65kg (143 lbs)
Age: 22
Built: slim
Clothes: plain T shirt, white with green triangle (well, actually it's that fractal triangle like this) on the front, plain jeans trousers (light blue), black shoes.
Special powers:
Can throw fireballs around. Nothing big, one will usualy just stun a person, (or kill a bear). But can relase up to 10 at the same time. (but usualy not more than 100 per hour)
Can teleport around, in half kilometer range (momentum preservation law doesn't work when teleporting ie: can disappear flying one way, and appear flying the oposite). Teleportation is instant, makes "bzzzt" "bzzzt" sound effect. Can teleport a couple of times before he gets tired.
Larger distances, or carying something heavy (like other person) makes teleportation difficult, or extremly difficult.
Not touching the ground and other stuff (jumping) makes it easier.

Personality: having fun.
Will avoid direct danger by teleporting away. (Though he will jump to save others, stupid sypathetic instincts).
Blasts stuff (or bears) with fireballs as a method of relieving stress, and hence is not stressed at all, still he blasts bears whenever he has a chance.
Jokes all the time, but with weird sence of humour, and a slight tendency to make jokes too long or too short.
The one crazy enough to make this fake forum.
project leader and website manager
Posted: Mon Jun 02, 2003 11:56pm (BC)

Okay, I made a better introduction page for myself

And here are some more refference drawings of me:

And a pose:

The one crazy enough to make this fake forum.