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active character
Posted: Before the crash

JPSloan, the Triggerman

Skin: Good irish ruddy tone
Eye color: Gray-blue
Hair color: Red
Age: 28
Build: Wide shoulders, thick trunk, thin arms and legs
Height: 6 foot even
Clothing: Leather jacket over a t-shirt, jeans.
Personality: Consummate smart-ass.
Powers: Besides being a Double Dan Master of Gun-fu, can produce the most exotic firearms from hammerspace behind his jacket. Need a weapon for a special job? He's got it on him, fully loaded! On-hand arsenal includes, but not limited to: +2 Vorpal Machine Gun of Wounding, Eagle's Eye 7.62mm sniper rifle (+2 to hit), Thermite flamethrower, a half dozen Browning 9mm semi-autos, .357 revolver with armor-piercing rounds, and a Russian Deluxe semi-auto over-and-under sucker-dart popgun +10 against mecharm.

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