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active character
Posted: before the crash

Behold, The Midnight Trout. A brooding and mysterious vigilante on a quest for vengance. And why you ask? Well, if you had a trout for an arm, you'd be pissed too. And what better target for your anger and anxiety than the Care Bears. Super powers include : Super Mega Kung Fu Judo Trout Slap, No Chin, and the ability to be drawn, inked, scanned, colored, and placed into a comic in under 7 minutes.

Skin: Pasty white
Eye color: white ( actually from staring at computer too long, nothing to do with the radioactive meteor)
Hair color: brownish
Age: 23
Build: scrawny yet untoned
Height: 6'
Clothing: Ill fitting spandex and cape. Tiny mask.
Personality: Still a newbie, Midnight Trout is still trying to get the hang of things. He keeps to himself mostly but tried to go with the flow whenever possible. Fun-loving, good guy who likes the Demolition Squad but is still a little bitter that he couldn't get endowed with a cool power.
Powers: His arm was turned into a Trout, yes. But did you know that Trout is actually a ninja trout?
History: Not remotely interesting
active character
Posted: before the crash


It looks like you have plenty of characters already. And the Midnight Trout is more of a loner, Wolverine type. Only instead of sweet ass adamantium claws he has...well, you know.
Name : Hank aka The Midnight Trout
Costume : Dark Blue w/ Orange-ish
Physical whatnot: About 6 feet tall, semi muscular slim build.
Eyes : White
Hair: Brownish
Powers: A fish for an arm (He doesn't like to talk about it.)
Personality: Hank is a mysterious, quiet, brooding figure. Sometimes takes things a little too seriously. Like his costume, for instance. Pretty mild tempered but try not to mention his trout arm in front of him.