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active character
Posted: before the crash

Skin: Pale, because she's a redhead.
Eye color: Brown.
Hair color: Auburn. (dark red )
Age: 19
Build: Uh...curvy? And height: 5'7".
Clothing: As shown above. ^_~
Personality: Lazy, likes to correct people too much, easily offended, scientific-minded, doesn't like to argue, but does anyway.
Powers: Flight. (Because I wish I could fly...) And creates arc-lightning sort of things that can be very burny. ^_^ Controls electric energy, but knows when to stop so it won't get out of her control. Uh...etc.

Oh, and also, she speaks in blue. I insist!

I hate making up a character modeled after me. XD I usually...uh, don't do that. XD

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