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active character
Posted: before the crash

Stats and Information:
Name: Glen Williams
Board Handle: David Stripe
New Powers: Mysteriously gained the powers of Johnny B from "Misfits of Science". Automatically absorbs electricity from his environment (meaning: he has no control over it, it just happens) and can fire off the electricity as lightning from his fingertips. Unfortunately, he also gained Johnny B's weakness - while carrying a charge, contact with water shorts him out and can burn him badly.
Costume: Showing the same sense of design he had when he used to create superheroes as a student, Glen tore the sleeves off a hooded sweatshirt, put black fingerless gloves on, and combined them with kakhi cargo pants and a pair of cardboard 3-D glasses. The breast emblem on his hooded sweater is the "ArtMachine" logo from his personal webpage.
Education: Bachelor's degree in Theatre Arts and English
Height: 5' 11"
Hair: Brown (shaggy, somehow always manages to find its way into a part - even when he doesn't brush it)
Eyes: Green
Personality: Very quiet around people he doesn't know, but extremely talkative once he starts going. Has a tendency to mouth off about complex concepts that nobody else is interested in. Very stubborn once he's set a goal, he doesn't accept defeat well. Works well with others, but has a tendency to be dominated by stronger personalities - although he has developed a tendency to snap at people once he figures out what's going on. Prone to spacing out when he gets bored. ("I heard everything up to a point." "What point was that?" "The point where you said, 'Now listen up, because I'm only going to say this once'.") Knows a disturbing amount of pop cultural trivia of the 70's, 80's, and 90's, and can quote entire scenes from The Princess Bride, Monty Python's Life of Brian / Search for the Holy Grail, and Brazil. Also tends to work lines from songs by the Spin Doctors and Oingo Boingo into his everyday conversation. He thinks it's charming. He's probably wrong.