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active character
Posted: before the crash

Stats and Information:
Name: Lewis Code Micbee
Board Handle: Lewiscode
Powers:Pyrokensis(like gambit,abitlty to set things on fire with ones mind),super strength(can break through anything),hands can grow up to 5x,
Costume:As shown,
Weapon:Adamantium sythe.
Height: 5' 11"
Hair: Brown (shaggy, semi-long)
Eyes: Blue(comic book-esque non-see throughable shiny glasses)
Personality:Sarcastic...really sarcastic.Vast knoledge of video games,Nostalga.

after the whole hair/fur mess up W/psiogen I thought I'd point out the red thing isn't part of my shirt it it's like a tiny cape type thing like the shoulders from a cape but there is no cape so the red things aren't sleeves just to avoid confussion.