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Posted: before the crash

Skin: err... that colour. The colour that an asian is after not being in the sun for years.... still tanned.
Eye color: Brown
Hair color: Black and glints red
Age: 19 turning 20 sometime this year
Build: Short, small, petit.
Height: 5'4" (before shoes)
Clothing: As viewed in the picture.
Personality: Too many.Suffers from a mild case of split personality disorder, and adopts personalities as the situation sees fit. Is NOT ever a vapid clueless bimbo, however.
Powers: Those almost invisible stringy things.... that cut through stuff... evidently eloquence is not even an attribute, let alone a power.
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Posted: before the crash

Do the boots have 6 belts or 5? Or does the right boot has 6, and the left boot 5?
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Posted: before the crash

They both have 6, you just can't see the last one on the left because of the angle that I drew it
[21:37:10] heff's everyone's hero