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(ex) project leader
Posted: before the crash

M.E. Charm
Mech Arm

Skin: Pale, used to be tan, became pale by a shortage of direct sunlight
Eye color: -
Hair color: Dark brown
Age: 15, looks 16/17
Build: Heavy, though very slim. Slightly muscular.
Height: 6 foot, 3 inches (187,5 cm)
Clothing: As viewed in the picture. Nice, or not nice, to know is that if the belts gets loose, the pants immediatly flop down. Waaay too large pants.
Personality: Witty remarks are, like most Forum frequenters, a large part of Charm's personality. Tends to make sentence bends, going around correct grammar, but he's always understandable (this is'nt like caveman talk or something, this is more like adding too much words to a sentence, and changing the sentence in the middle of saying it). He loves showing off his handsome body, which is proved by the way he poses all the time (like stretching arms skywards, so his shirt is lifted and his underbelly is shown).
Powers: Charm followed his nickname/misunderstanding to take a mechanical arm, and always had a soft spot for Samus (Metroid), thus after the radioactivity took it's effect, he used his boosted intelligence and hand/eye co-ordination to create an almost perfect replica of Samus' right arm and shoulder.. things. His powers are also needed in carrying the thing, since it's made out of titaniun, thus VERY heavy.
The mech arm/shoulder things give him use of a heatseeking rocket, flamethrower, plasma cannon, and that.. electrical grapling hook thing, and he can transform into a little ball for faster tranportation (curl up in his shoulder things.. this is impossible, thus another use for his powers).

Did I forget anything?

Also, for great reference material on the Samus stuff, go here.

And another thing...

I'm getting the feeling it would be a good idea to make Mech Arm the sort of main character of the comic. Not cos' of my ego.. No, seriously, not because of my ego... but because it seems from all the folks who signed up, Mech Arm is still the most sort of anti-hero, with his only powers being his Samus ripp-offs. ..... Actually, this is'nt the weirdest of ideas. Now I think about it, it was/is Mech Arm who set up the Care Bear Demolition Squad (using his boosted intelligence!), so it is'nt that strange to make the story focus on him just a little more than the others.
I mean... Y'know... Everyone plays his part, but cos' Mech Arm is sort of, like, y'know, the boss in some sort of way, he gets a little more screentime, although it's probably not him who saves the day....

Damn, it really does sound like it's for my ego. How can I make it not sound like it's for my ego? Not that it is, cos' it isn't, but it sounds like it is.
The name's M.E. Charm. Adress me with my full name. If not, I will not give you your jelly.
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