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project leader and website manager
Posted: 2004.06.20

Well, this is not a forum.
It's all static html files generated by C++ script.

To "post" something you need to contact me, and I'll add it to the webpage.
I can also edit people's profiles, avatars, sigs, ect.
So drop me a line if you want any of that changed.

I plan to use the user info for providing important (umm) info about the user.

ie. the status will say things like "cannon fodder" for people that can be killed.
below the avatar I plan to put informations like your current place/team assignement.

BTW, I grabbed the current avatars from the forums... I plan on replacing them with cropped images from your profiles.
Send me yours (100*100px max, 20kb max) if you want to do it yourself.
The one crazy enough to make this fake forum.