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Posted: Fri May 30, 2003 10:26am Post subject:The Care Bear Invasion

The Care Bear Invasion (maybe going under the nothing-mentioning name of Burst Era, in the future, since I have that comicgenesis account) is a big collaboration comic in which we all can participate!! Almost all, cos' you have to be a Forum frequenter. This means you must be a little known in the General Discussion board. If not, you CAN'T participate! Muahahah!
Anyway, it's about the Forum frequenters getting superpowers, and battling Care Bears.
You can participate incomic by sending in a nice self-portrait of yourself with superpowers + description, or you can sign up to actually make a comic!
If you want to make a comic, as said, sign up, ofcourse, wait for the comic which'll come before your comic to be aired, so you know what to continue, think, and send me the script, so we can mold it into the "storyline", if it was'nt good already.

A few notes for joinig as a character:
1. If you're not specific in your description, the creators might get the wrong idea!
2. If you're too specific, it's boring!
3. If you don't want to be used incomic, don't send in your picture and description! DUH!
4. If your character is lame (ie. overpowered) others will avoid using you in their comics.

A few rules for making a comic:
1. First and greatest rule: Mind the continuation, the personality of the characters, and the flow of humor. Simply put: Fit in.
2. Since we now have a complex storyline, you'll have to discuss the script before you start drawing it, he might want you to change some details.
3. Uhmm.. That's it, actually. Oh, it would also be nice if your comic is'nt toooo big in file and pixel size. (suggested width: less than 800px, suggested filesize: less than 150kb)

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Posted: later

4.and please, if you promise to draw a comic, do draw it. It doesn't have to be some super quality, but if you promise something, and then you come back month later with a "sorry guys, I can't do it", you pretty much killed the project, because waiting for your comic have already forgotten what they were going o do after that.

Oh, BTW, I'm the current project leader, so PM your ideas to me.
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