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project leader and website manager
Posted: 2004.06.20

Note. To join you need to be a regular in comicgenesis General Discussion.
I wouldn't want to set limits, but I'd say 3 weeks of regular posting would be required. Of course exceptions may be made for particularry nice people. And of course, assholes will be rejected.

To join the fun you have to provide a picture of your character, and a profile with description of your superpowers.
See the examples on the cast page

Then, it would be nice if you could draw a page or a couple.
And then, please, don't forget about us, and submit a page every now and then...
We are aware you are busy with your comics, so we're not asking for much.
(I'd say one page a month, quality whatever you like, if we have enough people it should be enough)

A few notes for joinig as a character:
1. If you're not specific in your description, the creators might get the wrong idea!
2. If you're too specific, it's boring!
3. If you don't want to be used incomic, don't send in your picture and description! DUH!
4. If your character is lame (ie. overpowered) others will avoid using you in their comics.

A few rules for making a comic:
1. First and greatest rule: Mind the continuation, the personality of the characters, and the flow of humor. Simply put: Fit in.
2. Since we now have a complex storyline, you'll have to discuss the script before you start drawing it, he might want you to change some details.
3. Please, if you promise to draw a comic, do draw it. It doesn't have to be some super quality, but if you promise something, and then you come back month later with a "sorry guys, I can't do it", you pretty much killed the project, because waiting for your comic have already forgotten what they were going o do after that.
4. It would also be nice if your comic is'nt toooo big in file and pixel size. (suggested width: less than 800px, suggested filesize: less than 150kb)

Parts of this post shamelessly ripped of the old intro post by mecharm.
The one crazy enough to make this fake forum.
project leader and website manager
Posted: later

Oh, BTW, I'm the current project leader, so PM your ideas/questions/profiles to me.
The one crazy enough to make this fake forum.
project leader and website manager
Posted: just about now.

And another BTW.
If you think you can make your character cooler by making you work for the evil side. Think again.

We want to avoid PvP, and there are 20+ people that will go "HeEeeyYY! Why is he allowed to make a bad guy and I don't? I want a new character, and this time I'll be evil!"
The one crazy enough to make this fake forum.