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project leader and website manager
Posted: 2004.06.20

Another attempt at ressurecting the project!
First but not least important is the new website, it took like 3 days to code so it'd better be worth it!

There are probably mistakes, misspellings and stuff like that, there's just too much text for me to revise it. So if you notice any of that contact me so I can fix it.

There are slight changes on the rules page.

Next thing: I'm going to make significant changes to the current cast.
Namely, gather all the people no longer interested in the project, and use them as human shield/cannon fodder/you get the drift.
So, if you want to stay in please contact me to avoid that.
If you are not interested please contact me too, so we can negotiate some way for your character to leave... (ie. Do you have a favourite death type? Or maybe you'd want to get fired for rules violation?)

We're also accepting new characters, but you will need to either:
a) have a really cool character profile
b) draw a page of the comic first
Sorry, we have too many characters already.
The one crazy enough to make this fake forum.
project leader and website manager
Posted: 2004.07.02

I made the new titlegraphics to replace the placeholder
Fixed the last few bugs in html, coded the last few features I wanted to implement...
So I guess we can start showing this site to people.

Also, mcDuffies made this poster style banner:
CBIposter by mcDuffies
Thanks mcDuff!
The one crazy enough to make this fake forum.