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not yet introduced
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I... hate... descriptions...

Ah, well, only for you:

I am Srdjan, full name Srdjan Achimovich, but you can addres to me as mcDuffies, mcDuff, mc too. I got used to that. I'll skip over the personality part because I'm sure you know my personality better than anyone on this forum.
Now, I like to sing a lot. So, one day I want to a concert of Lucciano Pavaroty and I was standing too much near the speakers, so when he sung some high-pitched tones, that caused me to mutate. Now, with my singing (which is awfull), I can do various things:
- float above the ground (when singing, say, Beatles)
- make people and carebears suicide (When singing Nick Cave)
- break any kind of objects including care bear heds (Radiohead songs)
- focus my singing so that it can't be heard out of a certain region
I made myself a superhero costume to fit the crowd, but my superhero powers actually work when I'm in jeans. Only problem, when singing, I sweat a lot, and my superhero outfit neutralizes sweat.
The only things that weaken me: Lenny Kravitz, Phil Colling, Elton John, Whitney Houston...
Everyone wants a piece of McDuffies! mcDuffies Tastes like soap. Comic Writter X Contains scenes of youghurt eating me. How not to run a comic Don't. Just don't. KeenLobotomy Get a free lobotomy. Spacejams not the