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not yet introduced
Posted: ...

Skin: Enough to cover skeleton and the meat hitched to it.
Eye color: Brown, when you can see them.
Hair color: Brown. I know it's black in the picture, but I don't have a brown pen.
Age: 18
Build: Skinny
Height: 5'8"
Clothing: Hmm... at the moment it's pyjamas. But if I could wear a dinner suit, that would be cool.
Personality: Cynical, quick witted, easily excitable and talks really quickly.
Powers: I'll have some regeneration of injuries and lost limbs, thanks. Actually, I regenerate my head too. Everything. Like a troll - can only be killed by fire or acid. Yyyeeeaahhh....

and I don't feel pain.

Thus, I can let a massive clump of care bears hug me, then pull the pins on the grenades I'm holding. It's not fire, cos it's the shrapnel that kills you. How's that?