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not yet introduced
Posted: Sat Nov 08, 2003

Height: 5'2"
Hair: Red
Eyes: Steel Blue
Age: Early 20s.
Weight: Like I'm telling you.
Additional: Very pale skin, rarely wears makeup, no nail polish but often has long, and very sharp, fingernails.

Personality: Sociable when she feels like it. Withdrawn when she feels like it. Cranky or very goofy on little sleep. Rarely gets enough sleep. In other words, her personality fluctuates.
Clothing: Grey or black silk shirt or sweater (knit or otherwise), with grey or black leather knee-length trenchcoat. Plain black or grey boots reaching to just below the knees. Black or blue jeans, plain cut--not hiphuggers or anything special. May or may not be wearing glasses due to the fact that she also has contact lenses.
1) Shapeshifting: When annoyed, in danger or afraid, or in some cases, when she wants to, she transforms into silver griffin with glowing eyes. The griffin has notches in her ears, and is completely feathered--there is no fur, the tail is downy as is the covering on the ears. In this form, she's larger, she's much stronger and faster, she has claws and a beak for weapons, and she is capable of flight. She can take this form partially ONLY when she's in direct need of doing so. Her clothes shapeshift with her, by some unknown means.
2) Pixie Dust: She's able to produce a sack of pixie dust from hammerspace, or maybe from one of her pockets, on a whim. It never runs out. This works like the pixie dust from her comic, Somesuch: When thrown, it changes the target into a random creature. This could be dangerous if the target became, oh, say, a bear. For inanimate targets, it has a tendency to change them into gemstones and precious metals, but not always--it's been known to turn things into manure, water, slime, and other such things. It usually mutates plants if thrown at them. It does not work on dragons, drakes, wyverns, etc. nor on griffins and other mythological creatures (but should do just fine on Care Bears). The effects, at least on living things, are, however, only temporary--they'll last for, at most, a week before wearing off, and more commonly an hour or a day. She's not letting anyone know whether they work permanently on nonliving things or not--either out of embarrassment or maybe out of fear someone will steal from her.

Her powers must be refueled by consuming chocolate, so she often has her pockets filled with it.

1) Likes small furry and feathery creatures and most wildlife. Tends to get distracted by them easily (Care Bears not included--they're more like stuffed animals).
2) Has no sense of direction till she's been to a place before, can get lost on a one-way street--but once she's been there, she can get there again with little trouble.
3) Has a major chocolate addiction. May lose control of shapeshifting power if she does not consume chocolate, and go on a rampage till she finds a store of it somewhere to satisfy herself. At that point she'll shapeshift back to normal.
4) Attracts vampires--and goodness knows why. (Taking this from what usually happens to my characters on any RPG I play that has vampires in them.)

Companion: White budgerigar parakeet named Silly. Parakeet was mutated and now she is fully sentient, and grumpy. She considers Somesuch her slave. Somesuch tends to disagree and laugh at said parakeet but nevertheless feeds, waters, pets, and cleans cage of Silly. Apart from her intelligence, Silly has no special powers. However, she's small and her wings are not clipped, so she can fly very fast and get into many places where she probably should not be--which also means that she can spy, if she's flattered and bribed enough.

Background: When she got her powers, she mostly spent her time flapping around as the griffin and throwing pixie dust at stuff till she eventually got rich--and nearly got arrested. In the meantime she spent her time ignoring the Pokemon who were in control at the time. But lately, there's been all of this Care Bear stuff... and it's gotten her really annoyed. And as one could well guess, an annoyed griffin shapeshifter is a very, very cranky griffin shapeshifter. She's been working with herself and mostly for herself, but now she's seen others doing this whole Care Bears Destruction schtick, and she's curious. She'll help them, and maybe even join their ranks for a while. Just until this problem is taken care of, that is. Then she'll go around getting wealthy again.
not yet introduced
Posted: Sat Nov 08, 2003 two minutes later.

... And oh yeah... normally the griffin form moves on all fours, and yes, that beak *is* supposed to have that funky notch in it.

*whew* I know, it's a very very long profile, but thre you have it. Toldja I would submit one.