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Posted: before the crash

The content of the pages is final as far as text and layout are concerned, but I will be cleaning up page 1 in a bit - and I'm going to do a quick (and obvious) cheat for page 2 that I will later replace with real artwork. There is no cause for alarm - the final version of both pages will have the same content - just better artwork and color.

A few issues came up just recently, and I might be travelling tomorrow. I figured it was unfair to make you all wait, but at the same time I wanted desparately to contribute. So, consider these as rough sketches - final product to come. Soon. Sooner than the rough drafts came. Really.

-C. Glen "Stress!!" Williams

BTW: If you can't read what Glen's saying in the third panel - good. But here's a quick transcript.

"Well, momentary consideration is certain to reveal the obvious truth that the Care Bears we're encountering are merely representatives - if not even clones - of the friendly, cute, and - most of all - good original Care Bear. The conclusion is clear, then, that the bears are not actually evil. The only real danger they pose is in their sheer numbers. Now, accepting statement A: To wit, the Bears are good and cute -- it stands to reason, then, that they are also drawn to all things good and cute. Like attracting like, and so forth. The easiest and most apparent solution, then, is merely to summon an alternate yet equal force of goodness and cuteness, allowing us to employ our firepower."