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active character- villain's henchman
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Name: Micheal. Johanes. Villien. But I usally just get called wethamster which always gets interpreted to wethammy, hammy or wetty.
weight: 84Kg
Height: 1,78M
Eyes: blue
Hair: dark brown
Cloathing: Plain gray shirt, black or blue jeans, black belt along with my yellow and black trench coat and white snikers.
Powers: The flaming evil stare of DOOM!!!
This stare can literally give cute or inocent minded people or things heart atacks and against normal or average people it just scares the heck out of them usally making them want to stay away while shuddering uncontrolably, against evil or corupted people it has no afect.

weakneses: Hugs, glomps, pounces and cute things.
Hugs and glomps will promt me into screaming a frenzy while running aimlessly around the room screaming. GETITOFFGETITOFFGETITOFF AARRGHHH. Pounces will make me desperatly atempt to skirm out of the pounce that is if i dont doge the pounce, since I have pounce sense and that tingle when people are about to pounce.

For some reason some people *known as glompers* find me very hugable and im deathly scared of those people.

Has this peristent strange idea with putting heroes in easly escapable death traps after capturing heroes, I always let the cronies/flunkie/grunts do all the dirty work while escaping and letting out clues or hints to ones next location so I can play the cat and mouse game with them for longer.

Persona: Is mostly good natured, yet I wont admit it. Thats why I always put heroes in easilly escaple situations, since I dont really want to kill them. I also seem to have my own motives, yet I help EVIL jamie controll the carebares. But I slowly pick them off myself without his knowlegde. In other words in underminning jamie for my own personal reasons and serve under a second master I somtimes contact via a a sort of headset that jamie curently dosent know about.

OK, this is what hapens to carebares that get afected by my stare. Since they are cute, hugable and good beyond all reason they seem to get canged a bit before dying.

The heart turns black and breaks, they lose all color in theyre fur. Theyre face semes maltractated and caved in, theyre eyes seem to bulge out.

Not a pretty sight for the weakminded.