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Name: Lance
Hair: Brown, blond tips
Eyes: Brown, Honey
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 130
Weapons: Dual 10mm semi-automatic pistols; sword (Long Sword, 40” blade)

Powers: Telekinesis, can lift objects psychically

Likes: Pizza, arguments, fights, cars, airplanes, starships, technological stuff, ballistics (or weapons), computers

Hates: Care Bears, Chinese food, stupid people, sloppy English, primitive technology, bad table manners

Outfit: Black leather full-length coat, no sleeves, crimson trim; crimson sleeveless T-shirt; gray pants; dark gray calf-high boots; blue mirror sunglasses with a silver frame; dark gray, fingerless gloves; has a two inch scar on right cheek (no, really, I do); likes Henna tattoos, most common ones (shown in pic) are: Japanese ‘dragon’, Superlancer silhouette, and FireBird Demonic figures: SL, tattoos are on left shoulder or back; wears red or dark blue eye makeup

Sword: Strapped over left shoulder; light silver, polished blade; brown leather sheath; dark gray grip with silver diamond pattern; round red gem on handguard; red diamond shaped gem on the pommel (thing on the end of the grip) held by a backward-S-shaped strip of silver

Pistols: Dark silver with a black flash-guard. Uses twenty-bullet clips.
Personality: Sarcastic; refined; generally friendly, though somewhat argumentative; will stick up for just about anyone, though won’t take the side of the same person every time. Likes to go with the person who’s winning, you waste less ammo that way. Prefers the short way to the long way, even if the short way’s more dangerous. Likes coming up with new ideas for solving a problem (and you better agree with them!). Is kinda bossy, doesn’t like taking orders; would be an officer in the military simply because you have less people bossing you around when you have a high rank.