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active character
Posted: before the crash

Name: Jops
Height: 1.50 m (don't ask me in feet or inches or whatever... i use only metrical system and i suck at math).
Details: Hairs are light brown, T-shirt and shoes are black, pants are dark green, and the load vest is navy blue. In the back pack (green) he carries the invisibility device (see special powers) and the uzi. During nightime he wears IR nightvision goggles (as in the picture above), when daylight he wears a green cap. (detailed pics of cap and device are coming soon). Watch your wallets, he's a kleptomaniac.
Powers&skillz:Lazy artists be happy: he uses an invisibility device (stolen from a reserch lab) that he keeps in the backpack and activates with a remote (looks exactly like a small TV remote and is usualy in one of the vest's pockets). He has no other special powers, but he's a skilled driver/pilot (cars/tanks/planes/powerboats/choppers...) and due to his thievy attitude he knows his way to pick both locks and pockets.
Even if he always carries an uzi he totally suck at shooting, so beware.