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To be introduced.
Posted: before the crash

Yay! Inclusion makes me feel loved!

Profile edited for accuracy.

Skin: Pale, as 90&% of all people who make comic strips rarely venture out into the sunlight.
Eyes/Hair/Fur: All Brown! Plus oval-shaped, wire-rimmed glasses for near-sightedness.
Age: 18
Build: Skinny
Height: . . . I have no idea. Kinda medium, neither short nor tall. Does that work?
Clothing: Uh. What the picture shows. Dark gray with red edging. I'm too lazy to come up with something new.
Personality: Somewhat shy and awkward, as befits a lurker, but prone to occasional bouts of insanity.
Powers: Shiny stars that explode on impact! I can generate two of them at a time, one in each hand. Also, a chain/whip made of star-shaped links! Mmm . . . pointy!

Notable points if you should find yourself having to draw me: Oval glasses, bangs that pull dramatically to one side. Like a regular cat-girl only scruffier, with a tufted, lion-like tail.

now known as BrownEyedCat
(ex) project leader
Posted: before the crash

ABout those hearts... The Care Bears are all about hearts, so I don't think the hearts will work on the Care Bears. They'll probably even absorb the power from those hearts!

I suggest stars.
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To be introduced.
Posted: before the crash

I was thinking about that . . . but it's kinda common to have a random character with demonic, or, more accurately, evil-looking attacks, isn't it?

. . . On the OTHER hand, stars are rather pointy, and thus have greater potential for damage, especially in chain-link form . . . I'm game! Stars it is!

As long as I can get through this week without working (finals week. YAY.), I'd love to contibute a comic.

now known as BrownEyedCat