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Posted: ...

human form:

animal form:

Name: Luprand

Height: 5'10", weight: 190 lbs. I can't do metrics.

Hair: Brown, Eyes: Blue and covered by squarish glasses. Big nose.

Clothes: Blue fleece windbreaker with a white Y emblem, gray T-shirt, blue jeans, and scuffed-up brown skateboard-style shoes. A keyring lanyard hangs out of his left pocket.

Powers: comic relief - Can take large amounts of violence and somehow come out unscathed or heal almost instantly.


it's and ir trasmitter, that has been modified to provide enough power to cut metal! (when you press the str button)

accidental shapeshifter - Turns into a werewolf when he sneezes. (Height: 6'6", Weight: 270 lbs. Fur: Grey to black, Eyes: Bright blue) His clothes change with him, but he can't turn human again for at least ten minutes.

Let me know if I forgot any details; I'll post a pic soon.