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not yet introduced
Posted: before the crash

Aw, eel. I forgot to put down powers 'n stuff, didn't I? Well, fine then. Er...

Name: Robin (or MixedMyth)
Weapon: Boar Spear (have you ever SEEN a Care Bare climb its way up the shaft of a spear? This oughta take care of that)
Mount: Canabalistic My Little Pony
Powers: Er. Flippy fighting moves and jumping and such, berzerker joy (SO much better than berzerker rage)
(ex) project leader
Posted: before the crash

MixedMyth: When drawing someone/thing, psysical traits are always welcome, so you might want to type those down too.
The name's M.E. Charm. Adress me with my full name. If not, I will not give you your jelly.
Charming Eclipse (Main website) - Comic Writer X (Collaboration Webcomic)
not yet introduced
Posted: before the crash

Oh right! Eheh. Sorry. 'Kay-
Hair- Gold, wavy, but not in any organized fasion...just kinda goes everywhere. Falls a little ways past the shoulders. Has bangs.
Skin- Pasty, even failed to achieve monitor tan.
Eyes- Blue, with oval-ish glasses.
Height- Perfectly average. 5' 6''
Dress- Jeans, T shirt, a hat that is the hide of a dead Bear. Has a bear-hide quilt of their belly symbols. Steel toed boots. Boar spear.
Age: 21
Build: Medium. Squarish face.
Personality: Upbeat, rarely downtrodden, playfully violent in an optimistic sort of way. Full of random anthropology/archology facts that don't really do anyone much good. Avid gamer, can lapse into gamer lingo.

To an earlier post...arrr, it was a boar spear. Now Ive got this whole Ushio and Tora thing stuck in my head. Heh! Oh, and sorry for the silence. The only way I can access the internet in Chile is at a cyber cafe, and in a bit Im going to a town with about eighty people and one phone. Plus, this keyboard is really messing me up. Anyhow, I'll try and check back in when I can.