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Welcome to the new Care Bears Invasion website

project leader and website manager
The Care Bears Invasion
is a big collaboration comic by members of comicgenesis General Discussion Board! Everyone can join, but you must be known in the General Discussion board.

Anyway, it's about the Forum frequenters getting superpowers, and battling Care Bears.
Detailed instructions for joining.

Story details

To make it clear, M.E.Charm (aka Mecharm) is no longer the self aclaimed leader of this project.
The role was taken over by YarpsDat. And I, YarpsDat, take the responsibility, all the burdens of website management, I also get to slap you around and force you to work.

YarpsDat: The one crazy enough to make this fake forum.
Big parts of this post were shamelessly ripped of a forum post made by M.E.Charm

And now... Behold our mighty fake forum!

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